Week in Review: Imaging adds to evidence of long COVID | Why 3D printing can be like magic | Wraps come off wide-bore MRI scanner

Dear AuntMinnieEurope Member,

Important new evidence has emerged over the past week or so about the long-term health impact of COVID-19, specifically related to the lung.

First up, Dr. Sam Hare from London presented images confirming that many patients are left with significant lung scarring. He's now seeing COVID-19 patients six months on who still have some mild lung damage and who feel short of breath when they're doing even light exercise. He said many hospitals are organizing post-COVID-19 meetings to follow up with these patients. Find out more in the CT Community.

Second, Spanish researchers explained how they've used imaging to document lung abnormalities in patients who recovered from COVID-19 but still had persistent symptoms months later. They found that ultrasound revealed various pulmonary findings, including irregular pleural lines and B-lines, which correlated with abnormalities on CT scans.

It's fair to say not all radiologists have woken up yet to the potential of 3D printing, but Dr. Mirela Juković and her colleagues in Novi Sad, Serbia, certainly have. They've shown what can be achieved on a tight budget, and their sheer enthusiasm is evident in our news report, which you can find in the Advanced Visualization Community.

The 106th RSNA begins on 29 November, and industry is already revving up for the virtual event with significant product launches. Siemens Healthineers, for instance, has unveiled a midfield MRI scanner with a wide 80-cm bore. The full details are in the MRI Community.

Regular readers will be familiar with Dr. Paul McCoubrie's insightful and entertaining columns. He's now written a book, which he thinks has been the ideal way to cope with a career dip and to avoid burnout.

Finally, infection control has become an even more urgent priority since the start of the pandemic, so you won't want to miss our feature about 10 golden rules on ultrasound hygiene.

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