Researchers develop sensor-operated 3D-printed arm
January 24, 2020 -- A U.K. group has designed a prototype 3D-printed prosthetic arm based on medical images that uses sensors to detect electrical signals from muscles and activate movement.
FossiLabs unveils 3D-printed bone implants
January 20, 2020 -- 3D printing startup FossiLabs has released a new technique for creating fully porous 3D-printed structures capable of supporting bone growth within medical implants.
Korea proposes standards for medical 3D printing
January 13, 2020 -- Korea's Ministry of Science and ICT has submitted two proposals for the international standardization of medical image-based 3D printing, according to a report released on 13 January in Korea Biomedical Review.
Virtual reality calms anxious patients ahead of imaging
December 24, 2019 -- Earlier this month, the French Society of Radiology and two other national organizations gave their annual prize in innovative medical imaging to virtual reality startup HypnoVR. So, what lay behind their decision?  Discuss
French societies award VR startup for innovative imaging
December 16, 2019 -- The French Society of Radiology, Medicen Paris Region, and the National Union for the Medical Technology Industry have bestowed their annual prize in innovative medical imaging to virtual reality (VR) startup HypnoVR.
3D printing assists ultrasound-guided liver resection
December 13, 2019 -- The enhanced visualization of patient-specific liver anatomy provided by 3D-printed models based on CT scans led a team of surgeons and radiologists to alter their approach for around 25% of ultrasound-guided liver resections. European Radiology has posted their findings online.  Discuss
Cardiac patients gain from 3D printing, AR advances
December 9, 2019 -- Determining the distinct benefits of 3D printing and augmented reality (AR) in the management of cardiac conditions, and mapping out which clinical scenarios the technologies are most suitable for, is no easy task. Speakers addressed these questions in a special RSNA session.  Discuss
Aiforia introduces Velocity software
December 4, 2019 -- Aiforia Technologies has launched Velocity, its software designed to allow medical and scientific experts to speed up and simplify image analysis and produce higher-quality results.
Scanning the pharaohs: Ancient Egypt comes to Chicago
December 3, 2019 -- Ever wondered what it's like to work as a paleoradiologist? Hundreds of RSNA 2019 delegates found out on Tuesday, when a leading expert in imaging of ancient Egyptian mummies and other antiquities played a central role in a plenary session about the achievements of the country's radiologists.  Discuss
3D printing boosts treatment of urethral injuries
November 26, 2019 -- Patient-specific 3D-printed models based on pelvic CT scans improve clinicians' understanding of complex pelvic anatomy and their ability to plan surgical repair for urethral injuries more than conventional imaging, according to a study published online in the Turkish Journal of Urology.  Discuss
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