Baessler: Interest grows in MR radiomics, but it needs direction
June 5, 2023 -- TORONTO - Radiomics has come a long way, but standardization and better-quality studies are vital before it becomes a true staple, Prof. Bettina Baessler from Würzburg in Germany said in a keynote talk on 3 June at ISMRM 2023. Read More
Radiography and medical students benefit from VR training
May 31, 2023 -- Most radiography and medical students appreciate the value of virtual reality (VR) simulation-based training to learn about radiation protection in the interventional radiology suite, an Irish research group reported on 25 May in Radiography. Read More
What can be done to predict relapse in prostate cancer cases?
May 25, 2023 -- A nomogram can help to predict relapse in patients with prostate cancer who undergo prostate specific membrane antigen PET-guided radiotherapy after prostatectomy, according to a novel study from the University of Freiburg in Germany. Read More
Attention focuses on optimum use of CT to evaluate myosteatosis
May 19, 2023 -- How can CT be used to help assess asymptomatic patients' muscle fat accumulation and reduce the risk of adverse cardiovascular events? To find out, we spoke with Dr. Maxime Nachit of the Université Catholique de Louvain in Brussels. Read More
Philips unveils new mobile C-arm
May 2, 2023 -- Philips has expanded its mobile C-arm product line with the launch of Zenition 10. Read More
Canon to join interventional cardiovascular medicine course
May 1, 2023 -- Canon Medical Systems Europe plans to join an interventional cardiovascular medicine course to be held at the European Society of Cardiology's EuroPCR conference in Paris, France, this month. Read More
Osimis unveils lumbar spine algorithm for AI platform
April 28, 2023 -- Osimis is releasing a computer-aided lumbar spine analysis and diagnostics algorithm, called CoLumbo, for the company's artificial intelligence (AI) platform. Read More
Modified imaging tool visualizes teeth segmented from bone
April 24, 2023 -- Using new, modified dental imaging reconstruction parameters, a cinematic rendering technique can help to visualize supernumerary and ectopic teeth separated from surrounding bone. Read More
CT body composition assessment assists in lung cancer prognosis
April 18, 2023 -- Assessing lung cancer sufferers' body composition with CT imaging can help clinicians determine whether patients have developed cancer-associated cachexia, and thus assess prognosis, according to a study published on 12 April in Nature Medicine. Read More
Advantis gets clearance for MRI analysis software
April 17, 2023 -- Dutch-based imaging software developer Advantis Medical Imaging has garnered U.S. Food and Drug Administration clearance for its Advantis Platform brain and prostate MRI analysis software. Read More
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