Week in Review: New mummy study ignites debate | Cardiac problems emerge after COVID-19 | AI can predict stroke treatment success

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Can CT accurately determine the cause of death of an ancient mummified woman?

Top Egyptian researchers addressed this controversial question in original research conducted in Cairo in March 2020, and their findings have already led to a lively exchange of views. You can read our exclusive news report and see Dr. Sahar Saleem's stunning collection of images of the so-called screaming woman mummy in the CT Community.

In another important study published this week, a German team found that patients are likely to experience heart complications after recovering from COVID-19. MRI revealed cardiac involvement in nearly 80% of patients and ongoing myocardial inflammation in 60% of cases. These findings show the need for investigation of the long-term cardiovascular consequences of COVID-19, the group reported in our MRI Community.

Meanwhile, Swiss investigators have developed two machine-learning algorithms that analyze radiomics features of clots shown on pretreatment noncontrast-enhanced CT scans of stroke patients. They think this might give a major boost to personalized endovascular patient management. Learn more in the Artificial Intelligence Community.

Keepsake ultrasound is a fast-growing business, but worryingly it is also a largely unregulated one. Many sonographers want to clamp down on the potential for abuse of vulnerable patients, according to a report in our Women's Imaging Community.

Judged on our page-view figures for the second half of July, many of you enjoyed our news coverage from ECR 2020 Online. One of the standout sessions was about the use of CT in mass casualty incidents. Don't miss our report.

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