Report: Many CT scanners in Ireland are out of date

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At least 25% of the CT scanners in Irish hospitals are out of date, and one is even seven years past its end-of-life date, according to a 26 July report in the Irish Sun.

Of the 59 CT scanners in service in the country, 15 have passed their end of life date, the newspaper reported. One system at South Tipperary General Hospital had passed the end-of-life of date in 2013, while another system at Mater Hospital in Dublin went out of date in 2016. Ten more scanners went out of date in 2017, according to figures from the Health Service Executive (HSE).

The Irish Sun said that eight of the CT scanners are well within date, while two run out later this year. The remaining 34 have no end-of-life date information available, according to the article.

However, the HSE only plans to buy six CT scanners this year, the Irish Sun reported.

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