Week in Review: Lessons from COVID-19 pandemic | The ECR show goes on | 5 top tips for cancer imaging

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Coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic was always likely to feature prominently in the reshaped schedule for ECR 2020, and indeed it was the central theme of the opening day's plenary lecture.

Prof. Marie-Pierre Revel, the highly respected French thoracic radiologist, discussed the lessons we can learn from the crisis. As she also pointed out, however, many questions still remain unanswered. Learn more in the CT Community.

The organizers of ECR promised to try to recreate the "Vienna experience" online, and they did their best to emulate the successful formula used at previous opening ceremonies. Don't miss our report.

Reading studies of cancer patients is challenging because of the complexity of the disease, according to a team of talented Spanish radiologists who have won a top prize at ECR 2020 for their advice on how to master unusual CT findings.

Away from ECR, an important story broke this week about the rapidly increasing waiting times for CT and MRI examinations in England. Faced with equipment and staff shortages, many hospital groups are struggling to cope with the pent-up demand for imaging. Find out more in the MRI Community.

Meanwhile, Danish researchers have investigated whether cardiac CT could offer a novel way to screen for osteoporosis while also assessing heart health. These exams visualize the thoracic vertebrae, so it's relatively easy to add a bone mineral density test to the procedure, as it doesn't add time or radiation to the exam, they explained. Visit the Women's Imaging Community for the full story.

Finally, ECR runs until Sunday, 19 July, so we'll continue to post further reports over the next week or so. Make sure you check our homepage for the latest news. If you are online, you can also visit our virtual stand in the technical exhibition.

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