Radiologist gives former teacher the gift of life

A British teacher's former student has thanked her in a most generous and selfless way for his education and helping him to become a radiologist.

Dr. Ali Golian donated one of his kidneys to 42-year-old Sonia Leonardo after seeing her sister's Facebook post about Leonardo undergoing treatment for kidney failure, according to an article in the 16 August edition of the Daily Mail.

Leonardo taught the 30-year-old radiologist in June 2010, before working together at King's College Hospital in London for two years. They became friends at the time, but lost touch and had not last spoken in the last five years.

Unfortunately, none of Leonardo's family or friends offered to be a donor, prompting the teacher to rely on five half-hour dialysis sessions every day to survive, according to the report. The treatments and her condition left her weak and uncomfortable.

Then this past January, Leonardo's sister posted a Facebook message thanking the teacher's colleagues at the hospital for sending flowers and cards of well wishes. It was then Golian saw the news about his former instructor.

His kidney proved to be a perfect, match, the Daily Mail article noted, and five months later the transplant took place. Today, Leonardo is doing very well; she and Golian have become like brother and sister, and talk to each other every day.

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