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47-year-old woman with paraparesis, paresthesia, diplopia, asthenia
26 August 2013 -- A 47-year-old woman with progressive paraparesis, paresthesia, diplopia, urinary bladder dysfunction, and asthenia.

17-year-old boy with cystic fibrosis, intermittent fever
15 July 2013 -- A 17-year-old boy with cystic fibrosis presents with a two- to three-month history of intermittent fever, increasingly productive cough, and a weight loss of 4 kg. He is known to have chronic Pseudomonas infection and pancreatic insufficiency, and is methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)-positive.

77-year-old man with bump on back
3 June 2013 -- A 77-year-old man presents with a painless bump on the back. No prior history of trauma.

2-year-old girl with chest wall mass
27 May 2013 -- A 2-year-old girl with soft, painless chest wall mass. No signs of inflammation on the overlying skin were present. No history of previous trauma was documented.

Follow-up chest x-ray on man with pneumonia
25 March 2013 -- Follow-up chest x-ray on man with pneumonia four months ago.

49-year-old woman with right-sided chest pain
11 March 2013 -- A 49-year-old woman is referred for an emergency chest x-ray as she has right-sided chest pain and dyspnea. She underwent surgery for varicose veins 12 days ago.

45-year-old woman with adenocarcinoma
12 March 2012 -- A 45-year-old woman with known adenocarcinoma of the right lung having completed chemotherapy presented for a FDG-PET/CT study to assess for treatment response.

25-year-old man with massive dyspnea
27 February 2012 -- A 25-year-old man was chased by the police. Whilst trying to go on the lam, he was observed swallowing something by the authorities and was put under arrest. Immediately, the suspect complained of massive dyspnea.

51-year-old with diffuse swelling of the left chest wall
15 August 2011 -- A 51-year-old man presented with a mild diffuse swelling of the posterolateral left chest wall, associated with clicking on shoulder movement.

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