DRG to launch mobile x-ray lab for kids in Germany

2019 11 18 21 17 9938 Drg X Perimente 200

The German Röntgen Society (DRG) will dispatch a mobile x-ray laboratory throughout the country to promote x-ray education among schoolchildren.

X-perimente cooperation partners. Image courtesy of DRG.X-perimente cooperation partners. Image courtesy of DRG.

The DRG's X-perimente mobile x-ray laboratory will include interactive experiments on board that allow children to play the role of researcher, using different techniques -- from long-wave infrared light to short-wave gamma rays and ultrasound -- to visualize the "inside" of objects. The goal of the project is to encourage enthusiasm for science and medicine at an early age, the DRG noted.

The project was developed by researchers from the Heidelberg University of Education, the Röntgen Museum, and the Reiss Engelhorn Museum, and it received support in the way of 700,000 euros from the Klaus Tschira Foundation.

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