QT Imaging touts study results for QTscan

2022 07 22 16 35 0952 2022 07 22 Q Tscan 400

QT Imaging is touting data from a recent study showing its QTscan ultrasound technology is noninferior to full-field digital mammography.

Completed in July, the blinded screening trial investigated data from 24 breast radiologists who looked at 177 total cases (32 normal, 147 ground-truth lesions). Researchers led by Yulei Jiang, PhD, from the University of Chicago found that QTscan had high sensitivity and specificity, as well as a -0.05 area under the curve margin.

The QTscan system. Image courtesy of QT Imaging.The QTscan system. Image courtesy of QT Imaging.

Exact data were not disclosed by the company.

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