Kumovis launches 3D printer for medical devices

German medical 3D printing startup Kumovis has made available its R1 medical 3D printer for patient-specific medical devices, according to an article on 3DPrintingIndustry.com.

The Kumovis R1 is a 3D printer that uses fused layer manufacturing (FLM) technology to create medical devices out of high-performance plastics. The product features a patented temperature control and filter technique that enables users to manage the heating process as well as prevent foreign particles from entering the printing chamber.

The combination of filtration and homogenous heating and cooling allows the 3D printer to produce devices that meet strict manufacturing requirements for individually tailored medical devices such as adaptive medical implants, Kumovis said. R1 also allows users to customize and automate various printing processes through print control software designed by German 3D printing software company Hyperganic.

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