Telemis unveils new software release

PACS vendor Telemis has introduced a new version of its Telemis-Medical PACS software.

Version 4.90 of the multimedia archiving and communication system platform features improved image registration functionalities, new goniometry tools, and enhanced collaboration options, according to the vendor. Telemis has also incorporated new integration modules designed for incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine-learning techniques into the platform.

First previewed at RSNA 2018, the latest version of Telemis-Medical also includes TM-Capture 4.90, a feature that enables medical images to be captured by smartphones and tablets and then automatically linked with the patient ID and user ID via scan barcodes and QR codes, the vendor said. Other applications include TM-Community 4.90 for facilitating exchanges between Telemis customers, as well as TM-Publisher Web 4.90 for supporting image distribution to external professionals such as general practitioners and referring physicians, Telemis said. TM-Publisher Web also includes a new module that allows internal and external contacts to upload and send DICOM or non-DICOM images for second opinions.

In addition, a new audit system on the platform facilitates centralized access control and management, the firm said. Rollout of the new software release is expected to begin next week at customer sites.

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