Carestream brings DryView 6950 laser imager to Europe

Carestream Health has released its new DryView 6950 laser imager for high-resolution printing for all imaging modalities in Europe.

In addition to CT, MRI, computed radiography (CR), digital radiography, and other modalities, the new laser imager will support full-field digital mammography (FFDM) and CR mammography images. It also delivers a maximum film density of 4.0 for mammography applications.

The laser imaging system also can provide from 160 to 250 films per hour with 650 pixels-per-inch resolution on every film size. Three film supplies come standard with the DryView 6950 laser imager, and film-size changes are made by exchanging the film cartridge.

DryView 6950 also features a user interface with a multilingual touchscreen user panel with a built-in help interface for instruction, operation, and user training.

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