Carestream rolls out new DRX software features

Carestream Health has introduced new software features for its DRX-1, DRX-Mobile Retrofit Kit, and DRX-Transportable systems.

Aimed at improving pediatric and ICU imaging, increasing productivity, and adding new print options, the new features include a companion image from the original exposure for pneumothorax visualization to enhance the appearance of free air in the chest cavity and a new ICU package that includes tube and line visualization, according to the vendor.

Carestream has also incorporated image processing for pediatric views that suppresses noise and enhances detail based on patient size. New software for chest imaging outlines areas to alert a technologist if a retake might be needed due to incorrect positioning. Other features include tailored image rendering for consistent processing of portable chest images, prior image review software, general workflow improvements, and multiformat print enhancements.

The features will ship by mid-July with new DRX systems, Carestream said. Existing customers can upgrade existing systems with new software.

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