Siemens introduces robotic x-ray system

Siemens Healthcare has introduced a new robotic x-ray system, Multitom Rax, at the University Hospital Erlangen in Germany.

Multitom Rax performs conventional 2D x-ray, as well as fluoroscopy examinations, angiography applications, and 3D CT imaging. Its robotic arms allow the tube and detector to be precisely positioned, eliminating the need to readjust the patient between different exams or to change rooms, Siemens said.

The ceiling-mounted arms can be placed into position using robotic technology, but also manually when required. While one arm moves the x-ray tube and the large touchscreen, the other carries the 43 x 43-cm flat-panel detector, according to the firm. As well, the device includes Siemens Care applications to manage radiation dose, Siemens said.

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