Rapid Biomedical gets new owner

Rapid Biomedical, a firm specializing in biomedical products for MR tomography, is under new ownership by Felix Faskerty, shareholder of the Fastron group.

Former Rapid shareholders Titus Lanz, Florian Odoj, and Alexander Weisser will keep and extend their roles in the company, according to Rapid Biomedical. Odoj has been appointed the new managing director.

Faskerty is the main shareholder of the family-owned Fastron group, with sites in Germany, Hungary, and Malaysia. Fastron's main business is manufacturing inductors for medical technology, high-frequency equipment, and power supplies, as well as electronic applications in the automotive and light industry.

Rapid Biomedical was founded in 1998 as a spin-off of the University of Würzburg by Dr. Axel Haase, former holder of the chair for biophysics, and his wife Ulrike Haase.

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