Eckert & Ziegler issues awards to NM researchers

Isotope technology developer Eckert & Ziegler awarded five young nuclear medicine (NM) specialists with its Abstract Award at the recent European Association of Nuclear Medicine (EANM) congress in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Held in cooperation with the EANM, the award honors research work in cancer diagnostics and therapy, Eckert & Ziegler said. This year's winners were:

  • L. Kurch, Germany for the paper, "Non-FDG-avid areas inside a tumor mass in pediatric Hodgkin lymphoma (PHL) patients -- A new risk factor?"
  • E. Lopci, Italy: "Quantitative analyses at baseline and interim PET evaluation for response assessment and outcome definition in patients with malignant pleural mesothelioma (MPM)"
  • B. Mills, U.K.: "Validation and applications for SNAP-tag imaging of bacterial infection"
  • K.P. Willowson, Australia: "The QUEST study: Correlating metabolic response with 90Y PET dosimetry for the treatment of metastatic liver cancer with radioembolization"
  • S. Yook, Canada: "A comparison of EGFR-targeted and nontargeted Lu-177 labeled gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) for localized radiation treatment of breast cancer xenografts in athymic mice"

The researchers each received 1,000 euros.

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