Siemens MR technology to be used in large U.K. study

Siemens Healthcare has announced that the Magnetom Aera and Magnetom Skyra MR systems will be used in a large study being planned by UK Biobank.

Funded primarily by the U.K. Department of Health, Medical Research Council, and Wellcome Trust charity, UK Biobank will be monitoring the health of 500,000 Britons over many years, according to the vendor. In the imaging part of the project -- set to take place in spring 2014 -- the MR machines will be used to obtain translational research images of participants' hearts and brains. Bone and carotid artery scans are also planned, noted Siemens.

The study aims to provide additional information for scientists and clinicians seeking to develop a better understanding of illnesses that cause disability, pain, and premature death.

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