GE issues Centricity safety notice

GE Healthcare has issued an urgent field safety notice to users of its Centricity PACS warning of a potential loss of images associated with its Centricity to Centricity (C2C) exam transfer module.

The C2C module allows two or more Centricity PACS to send exams to each other. GE said it recently became aware that a potential image loss can occur during a C2C image transfer while images are being transferred from the source to destination server.

"When another process in the destination server attempts to access the same object or table, the transfer process of a particular image may be terminated," GE said in the letter. "Once terminated, the transfer service skips the image being sent, and continues to send the next image in the exam. The loss of an image could result in a misdiagnosis."

Because the image is skipped in the transfer, users may not notice that an image is missing, GE said.

"Verification of image count is possible when the sending user communicates the number of images to be sent to the recipient, and a confirmation thereof," the letter said. "As a precaution, sites should perform this communication to confirm that all images have been transferred when studies are being transferred in a C2C environment."

Centricity PACS versions 3.x and 4.x are affected. The company will provide a patch to 3.2x and 4.x systems to remediate the issue.

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