3D MRI captures changes to fetal head during birth
May 16, 2019 -- Researchers from France have used 3D MRI to visualize changes to the shape of the fetal brain and skull during the second stage of labor. The images revealed that fetal heads may experience greater stress than previously imagined, according to an article published online on 15 May in PLOS One.  Discuss
AR, 3D printing advance navigation for spine surgery
May 9, 2019 -- Augmented reality (AR) and 3D printing provide clinicians with new alternatives for image-guided spine surgery that involve less radiation exposure and improve the accuracy of implanting pedicle screws, according to two recent studies from separate teams of Swiss and Italian researchers.  Discuss
Italians use AR to bolster prostate cancer surgery
May 6, 2019 -- Italian researchers have used augmented reality (AR) technology to overlay dynamic virtual 3D models based on MRI scans directly onto patient anatomy. In a recent article in European Urology, they found their method to be highly effective for prostate cancer surgery.  Discuss
Augmented reality helps guide uterine tumor surgery
April 29, 2019 -- Researchers from France have used augmented reality technology to overlay 3D models based on MRI scans onto a real-time video of the uterus, helping clinical staff to locate tumors and determine the best approach for their surgical removal. The results were recently published online in the Journal of Minimally Invasive Gynecology.  Discuss
3D-bioprinted model mimics real human heart properties
April 22, 2019 -- Researchers from Israel have created a 3D-printed model that captures the immunological, biochemical, cellular, and anatomical properties of a real human heart, according to an article published online on 15 April in Advanced Science.  Discuss
German team employs AR for CT-guided spine surgery
April 15, 2019 -- A group from Germany used augmented reality (AR) technology to overlay CT scans onto patients with spinal lesions -- lowering the radiation dose required for CT-guided surgery while maintaining high navigational accuracy, according to an article published online on 5 April in the European Spine Journal.  Discuss
Israeli institute launches 3D printing center
April 12, 2019 -- The Technion-Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa has launched a new center for 3D printing cells, tissues, and organs based on patients' CT scans, according to a report from the Times of Israel.
Imaging Biometrics completes Dutch order
April 11, 2019 -- Advanced visualization software developer Imaging Biometrics has completed the installation of its IB Neuro software at Erasmus University Medical Center in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
Mirada Medical adds to coffers
April 10, 2019 -- Imaging software developer Mirada Medical has received a new investment of 6 million pounds (7 million euros).
Irish VR firm delivers emergency aid to Kenya
April 2, 2019 -- Immersive VR Education, a virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality software company based in Ireland, has collaborated with Oxford University researchers in the U.K. to develop an emergency medical care simulation package using VR technology, according to an article from Irish Tech News.
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