ECR 2017 News
Can radiology ever be more like widget manufacturing?
March 1, 2017 -- Radiologists could adopt the systematic quality control methods of the manufacturing industry, above and beyond the use of structured reporting. That's the belief of Dr. Christoph Wald, chairman of radiology at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center and professor of radiology at Tufts University Medical School in Boston.  Discuss
Siemens to launch new 3T Vida MRI scanner at ECR 2017
February 28, 2017 -- Siemens Healthineers plans to use ECR 2017 this week as the platform to launch Magnetom Vida, a new 3-tesla MRI scanner. Vida is the first system based on BioMatrix, a new Siemens technology that adapts scanning parameters to patient anatomy and physiology.  Discuss
Parizel outlines what's new at ECR 2017
February 22, 2017 -- The long wait is nearly over: ECR 2017 gets underway on 1 March, and the excitement levels and feeling of anticipation are building, according to Dr. Paul Parizel, PhD. In the second part of our interview with him, we offer a sneak preview into what you can expect to find in Vienna.  Discuss
Philips launches new Azurion interventional platform
February 22, 2017 -- In what the company is calling its most significant new product launch in years, Philips Healthcare on Wednesday debuted Azurion, a new platform for image-guided therapy. The platform includes hardware and software improvements designed to enable clinicians to more efficiently perform complex interventional procedures.  Discuss
10 things to know about the ECR 2017 president
February 15, 2017 -- Dr. Paul Parizel, PhD, is the first radiologist to preside over the European Society of Radiology and ECR at the same time. What do we know about the man behind the presidential mask? What makes him tick? What are his views on the future of radiology?  Discuss