Shimadzu to highlight x-ray upgrades at ECR 2016

By staff writers
February 29, 2016

Shimadzu plans to highlight several product upgrades at ECR 2016 this week in Vienna.

The company will showcase its Trinias MiX package, an extension of the Trinias angiography system. Features include Score Navi + Plus 3D, which allows preprocedure CT images to be imported to the workstation; Score StentView + Plus PCI, to support reliable percutaneous coronary intervention; and Score Map, an automatic trace mapping tool for aortic stent grafting.

Shimadzu is also highlighting its Radspeed Pro Edge digital radiography (DR) unit, which now includes features such as tomosynthesis via dual-energy subtraction as well as autostitching to support diagnostics in clinical applications.

The company will introduce upgrades to its MobileDaRt Evolution mobile digital x-ray system, including a high-speed, vibration-resistant solid state drive; a new energy-saving collimator with a bright irradiation field; an LCD monitor with a wide viewing angle; and a new 17 x 17-inch flat-panel display that boosts internal processing speed.

Also on display will be Shimadzu's Sonialvision G4 radiography/fluoroscopy (R/F) system, which now has new functions such as tomosynthesis tools, as well as what the company calls Slot Advance, which produces high-accuracy images with long fields-of-view, the company said.

Finally, Shimadzu plans to highlight upgrades to its Opescope Acteno mobile C-arm device. New functions include an image brightness stabilizer, a digital imaging unit that allows for spot radiography and high-speed radiography, and real-time digital subtraction angiography.

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