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As the pandemic continues to spread with more than 250 million COVID-19 cases worldwide1, 5% to 15%2 require intensive care surveillance and intubation.


Research shows that 25% of intubations outside of the OR, such as in an ICU or ER, result in mispositioned endotracheal (ET) tubes3,4 and can lead to severe complications including lung collapse, hyperinflation, pneumothorax and cardiac arrest5,6.


Critical Care Suite 2.0



A new on-device AI algorithm that helps assess ET tube placement on chest X-rays is now available on GE's AMX mobile X-ray systems*.








What can you expect
with Critical Care Suite?






Accurate ET tube measurements.


The new algorithm automatically calculates the vertical distance from the tip of a breathing tube to the carina to within 1 millimeter**.


detection and triage.


The system automatically
analyzes images and sends
an alert for cases with a
suspected pneumothorax to
the radiologist for review in
PACS. Radiographers are
also notified on the X-ray
system when a specific
case deserves priority care.


and Efficiency.


Embedded AI on the imaging device flags and helps reduce quality errors, and improves efficiency.


In these challenging times, every minute counts. If you are interested in using AI for speedier results, case prioritization and better quality control of the images right at the patient's bedside, our local GE team can support you with additional information.





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