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GE Healthcare is committed to innovation and connecting every step within molecular imaging to help you make personalised decisions for your patients.


We are focused on providing you with a TOTAL MI approach - to help you with diagnosis from tracer to treatment - centered on the patient.


If you would like to see more evidence, join us at EANM and attend our extra five satellite symposia on top of the usual industry symposium. They will combine industry trends, physicians' experience and
new products and technologies.





Host: Ben Newton, General Manager Oncology, GE Healthcare


The Future of Precision
Diagnostics - Immune PET


Prof. Rod Hicks, University of Melbourne, Australia
Dr. Simon Williams, D. Phil, Department of Biomedical Imaging, Genentech Inc., USA


Prostate Cancer -
the Role of PSMA PET



Prof. Dr. Karolien Goffin,
University Hospital Leuven,


The place of SPECT
in Theranostics



Prof. Michael C. Kreissl,
University Hospital Magdeburg,


How to Get your Clinic Ready for a Theragnostics Approach




Prof. Andrei Iagaru,
Stanford University,












Transition to Whole Body SPECT/CT




Prof. Vineet Prakash, Alexander Smout, Royal Surrey County Hospital, Guildford, UK



3D CZT SPECT/CT: First Clinical Experience with StarGuide



Dr. Matthieu Bailly, Centre
Hospitalier Régional Orléans,






Easy Patient Management with New Cardiac CZT




Prof. Tali Sharir,
Assuta Medical Center,
Tel Aviv, Israel


Modern Diagnosis in Cardiac Diseases with PET/CT




Prof. Juhani Knuuti,
Turku PET Centre,


Implementing Production of 13N-ammonia in an In-House PET Radiopharmacy




Dr. Tom Christian Holm Adamsen, Haukeland University Hospital,
University of Bergen, Norway








Host: Zulfiqar Haider,
Global Medical Director Neurology, GE Healthcare


Prof. John O'Brien
University of Cambridge, UK


Dr. George Petrides,
Newcastle Upon Tyne
Hospitals, UK



Clinical Translation of Digital PET/CT innovations




Dr. Martin Hüllner, University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland


An Evaluation of the Effects of PET timing Resolution Versus NEC on Image Quality




Dr. Paul E. Kinahan,
University of Washington,
Seattle, USA








Host: Gill Farrar, Global Medical Director Neurology, GE Healthcare


Dr. Bernard Hanseeuw, Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc UCL Bruxelles, Brussels, Belgium


Dr. Renaud Lhommel, Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc UCL Bruxelles, Brussels, Belgium





For a free GE experience at EANM'21 Virtual,
visit our online platform and plan to attend any symposium of your choice.





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