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Maximize every step of your CT workflow, from referral to report.


First presentation in Europe at the ECR 2020 online





The challenge for radiologists and technologists doing CT exams is often two-fold:
workflow and image quality.



Workflow is a time-consuming process1 due to artefact reduction and increasing image definition. 100% of the patients are prone to mispositioning that may lead to dose increase up to 38%2 and increase in image noise up to 22%3.


How to avoid these issues?


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GE Healthcare offers you the solution with Revolution Maxima. It brings:



Auto positioning that results in avoidance of miscentering and optimizing patient dose4. Thanks to AI-based algorithms used by the Xtream camera, the patient is automatically centered at the isocenter with just 1-click leading to operational time saving5.





Auto positioning





1024 image reconstruction matrix, for all clinical applications, enabling 4 times smaller pixel size. Revolution Maxima provides 0.28 mm6 spatial resolution and makes 40 mm imaging routine.





Standard 512 matrix vs High resolution CCTA 1024 Image reconstruction matrix






Revolution Maxima, is a scalable, upgradable system that leaves the door open to grow with your practice.


It accomodates an increasing load of patient referrals with the same number of department resources.


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You can now book your demo and choose your preferred time to get insights about Revolution Maxima

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1/ Europe Customer Survey- GE Healthcare, Value 64, technologists Centre Hospitalier Sud-Essonne, France, radiologist Germany. 2/ Kaasalainen, T., Palmu, K., Reijonen, V., & Kortesniemi, M. (2014). Effect of patient centering on patient dose and image noise in chest CT. American journal of roentgenology, 203(1), 123–130. 3/ Toth T, Ge Z, Daly MP. The influence of patient centering on CT dose and image noise. Med Phys 2007; 34:3093–3101. 4/ Customer presentation for launch event in China, Radiologist, 2019, p. 50. 5/ Customer presentation for launch event in China, Radiologist, 2019, p.13. 6/ Calculated based on MTF 4% value in X/Y. 4% MTF is measured under 120kv, 200mA, 1.0 sec gantry rotation and Edge Plus kernel.
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