Whether it’s simplifying scan setup, accelerating image reconstruction or improving patient comfort, our AIR™ ecosystem of solutions brings versatility, productivity and consistent quality to all your exams
The new AIR™ Multi-Purpose Coils allow easy ortho, body and cardiac scans, and provide patient comfort, versatility and higher acceleration.

Wrap them as tightly as 3 cm and conform to the patient’s anatomy better than conventional flexible coils.

With a high number of channels and available in 2 sizes, the coil adapts to all anatomies without any compromise on image quality.

With new software releases come breakthrough applications.
oZTEo* is a unique 3D imaging technique based on radial zero-TE acquisition that helps visualize bone surfaces.
Expand your MSK clinical capabilities with this motion-insensitive application, to deliver 3D isotropic imaging with familiar positive bone contrast.

A great complement to conventional MR soft tissue exam.
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