Investigation highlights midwife's failure to read ultrasound scans
June 23, 2021 -- A patient had to make an agonizing decision to terminate her first pregnancy at 25 weeks after a midwife said she was too busy to read two ultrasound exams showing serious fetal abnormalities, according to a report issued on 21 June by the New Zealand authorities. The problems with the pregnancy could have been picked up a month earlier, the report found. Read More
AI can enhance identification of kidney stones on CT scans
June 23, 2021 -- Investigators from the University of Turgut Ozal in Malatya, Turkey, have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm to detect and localize kidney stones on noncontrast CT exams. The algorithm yielded 96.8% accuracy in testing and was deemed to be ready for clinical use. Read More
ESR issues statement on use of lung ultrasound in COVID-19
June 22, 2021 -- The European Society of Radiology (ESR) has released what it hopes will be the definitive document about the role of lung ultrasound in COVID-19 patients. The new report, posted on 19 June, includes seven clinical images and advice on infection control. Read More
Chest CT can help identify incidental and suspicious breast lesions
June 21, 2021 -- Radiologists should keep in mind breast cancer when interpreting chest CT scans acquired in women for other indications, according to researchers from the University Hospital Regensburg in Germany. A thorough examination of the breast on routine chest CT exams is crucial, they say. Read More
German team collects prestigious award for COVID-19 neuro work
June 18, 2021 -- Researchers from Freiburg have won the Image of the Year award at the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging meeting for a series of FDG-PET images of COVID-19 patients that shows how the disease causes long-term neurological changes associated with cognitive impairment. Read More
What does it mean to be resilient?
June 17, 2021 -- Medicine is a roller coaster that never stops -- you just have to jump on and jump off, writes interventional radiologist Dr. Chris Hammond. He reflects on his personal journey, the memorable patients, the intense and relentless ride, and the meaning of resilience. Read More
Study: AI helps pinpoint severity of Parkinson's disease
June 16, 2021 -- Researchers from the University of Córdoba in Spain have found that artificial intelligence (AI)-based analysis of 3D SPECT exams can help physicians to determine a patient's stage of Parkinson's disease. Read More
Achenbach comments on collapse of Danish star Christian Eriksen
June 15, 2021 -- Not all cases of sudden cardiac death can be prevented by screening, and it's vital to balance the risks and benefits, warned cardiac imaging expert Prof. Dr. Stephan Achenbach after the collapse of 29-year-old football player Christian Eriksen on the second day of the Euros. Read More
Celebrity radiologist Chinna Dua, 61, has died of COVID-19
June 15, 2021 -- Radiologist Dr. Padmavati Dua -- also known as Chinna Dua -- died on 11 June due to COVID-19 complications, the Indian media has reported. She taught herself social media during lockdown, developed a major presence on Instagram, and became famous for her knowledge of traditional sarees and cookery. It's important to keep reinventing yourself, she said in 2020. Read More
Has COVID-19 changed children's imaging forever?
June 14, 2021 -- Toys, distraction aids, and themed decorations in waiting areas are no longer used to calm anxious patients before a scan at Nottingham Children's Hospital, and personal protective equipment has resulted in far fewer smiles, according to a presentation at the UK Imaging & Oncology Congress. Read More