TeraRecon showcases collaborative tools at CIRSE

Advanced visualization firm TeraRecon is using the venue of the annual meeting of the Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiology Society of Europe (CIRSE) -- being held in Lisbon, Portugal, this week -- to highlight three new products for review, collaboration, and distribution of advanced visualization images.

iNtuition Review expands the client capability of the company's iNtuition software to support multimonitor display and multimodality image review. It enhances the role of iNtuition as a complement to PACS within radiology workflow, including special functionality to create folders of cases for presentation that have integrated support for advanced visualization.

iEMV provides a browser-based client that does not require any software download, plug-in, or installation. A zero-footprint viewer integrates with the advanced visualization scene files from the 3D iNtuition Client, and multimodality case presentations from iNtuition Review. iEMV is scalable, has no hardware dependence on the server side, and isVMWare Ready.

The iNtuition SHARE server enables free access to network upload of images and their download and viewing.

In addition, TeraRecon is promoting its iNtuition Cloud service, which is available both as an in-house software solution, and as an Internet-based service. iNtuition CLOUD supports secure upload of image data and real-time interactive use of the full suite of advanced visualization tools through a Web browser by an Internet-enabled computer. Nondiagnostic distribution and visualization of image data is also available on mobile devices.

The organizers anticipate that more than 6,000 delegates from more than 80 countries will attend CIRSE 2012, which ends tomorrow (Wednesday).

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