10 key points for selecting AI vendors | Europe's new breast screening guidelines | Nominations open for EuroMinnies 2020

Dear AuntMinnieEurope Member,

Choosing the most appropriate artificial intelligence (AI) vendor is an extremely tricky task. There are a lot of them, and relatively few have any sort of track record or distinctive qualities. It's safe to say it's a minefield.

To help you find your way, we've posted a new article today that's crammed with practical and timely advice. It also contains a list of questions to ask AI vendors. Go to the Artificial Intelligence Community.

The 28 multidisciplinary members of the European Commission Initiative on Breast Cancer Contributor Group have produced a new set of guidelines for breast cancer screening. The authors have 15 main recommendations on when to start screening, how often to examine women, and when to use ultrasound and MRI. Check out the guidelines in the Women's Imaging Community.

Hot on the heels of the 2019 EuroMinnies' resounding success, we've now launched the 2020 edition. Please make your nominations for the eight categories of awards by 11 December.

Have you ever heard of "feather duvet lung"? Scottish authors have described an intriguing case of how they used CT to diagnose this condition, and they urge healthcare professionals to stay vigilant over the months ahead.

Also in the CT Community, you can read about the results of a 17-year study involving pregnant women referred for CT pulmonary angiography due to clinically suspected pulmonary embolism at Lausanne University Hospital in Switzerland.

To end this week's letter, I have an invitation for you to check out a brand new section of our site: AuntMinnieEurope en Français. We've posted French-language versions of our news reports from the recent French congress of radiology, JFR. We'd really appreciate your feedback and comments on this section, and please do recommend it to your French-speaking colleagues.

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