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Help on using the naming convention.

How to Use This Page
If there are both active and inactive ads in this contract, only the active ads will be displayed. To see all ads, click on "Show All Ads."

If only inactive ads are available, all ads will be displayed.

To see the full size banner images, click on the banner or on "Click for Details" below it.

The start date of the banner.
The end date of the banner.
The total number of times that the banner appeared on
The total number of times that the banner was clicked by a user.
Click Rate
The total number of click divided by the total number of views (Clicks ÷ Views = Click Rate).
The status of the banner on the site.

Banner/Campaign Naming Convention
The typical naming convention for banners and advertisement campaigns is as follows:


TYPE - indicates the type of campaign, this goes along with the AuntMinnie sales and marketing strategy for advertising campaign offerings (banner ads). Types include:
  • SITE - for non-exclusive run-of-site advertising
  • SPON - sponsorship campaigns
  • LFTE - Letter from the Editor
  • FPIL - Front Page Inline
  • EM - Special e-mail broadcast
  • IS - Insider
  • PQ - PopQuiz
  • PF - Printer Friendly
  • BG - Buyer's Guide
  • KWS - KeyWord Search
  • FRONT - key front page location
DESCRIPTION - this might include information about the specific ad (a very brief description) or a keyword for keyword search, etc. If your banner runs in multiple cycles, the beginning date may be included in the description.

POSITION - indicates the ad position on our site, see the "Banner Specification" for details on ad positions.

Positions include:
  • P01, P02, P03, P04, P05, P06 - main banner positions
For help with your statistics, please contact us at [email protected].

Upcoming Ads Section
This tab displays all items on a contract that have not reached their start date.
Upcoming Ads
A brief description of the item.
Start Date
The date that a banner is scheduled to go live or the date a broadcast is scheduled to be sent.
End Date
The date that banner will stop displaying. For broadcasts, the end date and start date are the same.
Whether an item requires no more action (Ready) or requires more work (Waiting) or has not been scheduled (Unscheduled).

Status Definitions
This item requires no more action.
Waiting for [Customer]
AuntMinnie either has not yet received all relevant materials for this item, or in the case of a broadcast, we may not have received customer approval.
Waiting for AuntMinnie
We have received materials and are working with them. In the case of a broadcast, this may indicate we have not finished internally testing it.
This status applies only to broadcasts; in particular, sponsor-supplied broadcasts associated with community sponsorships. This indicates that a send date has not yet been chosen for this particular broadcast.
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