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Have you ever heard of the term "artificial abortion"? One expert in the field we spoke with hadn't, and the researcher also questioned some other aspects of two ultrasound studies published this week by Insights into Imaging.

This case probably underlines the importance of clarity and uniformity in any publication. When they're lacking, then the authors' message is likely to be lost in translation. Don't miss our news report posted today.

After you've scanned a patient, you're unlikely to hand the person a business card, but a group of Swiss and Austrian authors thinks it is worth considering. The authors are convinced this simple act helps to enhance the patient-doctor relationship and helps the patient to remember the radiologist's name.

Dutch researchers have been making news in the imaging of deep vein thrombosis. A team from the University of Amsterdam compared three different compression ultrasound methods and found it very difficult to identify the best technique. The results deserve close scrutiny.

Despite studies showing ultrasound's efficacy for some common rheumatological procedures, the modality is still not regularly used in many rheumatology departments. However, a new Italian study suggests ultrasound may be a fast and cost-effective addition to synovial fluid aspirations and drug injections.

Last but definitely not least, ultrasound cases feature among those in our brand new Board Review section. This free study tool features selections of diagnostic images and sample questions that are specifically designed to help you study for your review. Please do check it out and let us know what you think.

This letter highlights just a few of the articles posted over the past month or so in the Ultrasound Community. Please see the full list below.

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