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Ultrasound guidance continues to transform the management of patients with common musculoskeletal conditions. This was evident at the recent EuroSon meeting in Granada, Spain, where researchers from a top Taiwanese hospital demonstrated the clinical value of ultrasound-guided injections in cases of chronic shoulder pain.

The authors presented detailed findings for 278 patients. Don't miss our news report, which we have posted today.

Meanwhile, fresh data presented at this week's UK Imaging & Oncology Congress confirm that skills shortages are having a serious impact on ultrasound practice. A survey of 20 ultrasound department heads in the North of England showed that aside from ultrasound positions not being filled, there are structural problems that can't be overcome by simply hiring new personnel.

Dr. Paul Sidhu pioneered the introduction of contrast-enhanced ultrasound in the U.K. in the 1990s, and his ECR 2019 honorary lecture about pediatric ultrasound received many plaudits. At EuroSon 2019, we asked him to nominate his top three trends for the modality. Find out more in our video interview.

Another well-known European radiologist, Dr. José Luis del Cura, specializes in interventional ultrasound and takes great pride in avoiding turf battles with clinical colleagues. To learn about his magic formula and general advice, listen to a second video from EuroSon.

Should surgeons perform their own ultrasound scans in the operating room? Yes, says Dr. Matthias Wüstner, a keynote speaker at EuroSon 2019. A surgeon by training, he's switched entirely to imaging now, and he has strong views on the topic.

Finally, we caught up with Dr. Cristina Chammas, PhD, about ultrasound evaluation of liver transplant patients. She works at one of the largest hospitals in Latin America that handles 130 liver transplants a year.

This letter highlights just a few of the many articles posted over the past month or so in the Ultrasound Community. Please see the full list below.

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