Multidisciplinary team led by Charité unveils coronary AI roadmap

AI can help improve the identification and analysis of vulnerable or high-risk atherosclerotic plaques in the coronary arteries, leading to advances in the treatment of coronary artery disease, according to a multidisciplinary research group that has developed an AI roadmap for this purpose.

In the third installment of our exclusive video interview series recorded onsite at the CharitĂ© in Berlin, Prof. Dr. Dr. Marc Dewey speaks about how the roadmap works. He is Heisenberg Professor of the German Research Foundation, vice-chair of radiology at the CharitĂ© – Universitätsmedizin Berlin, and chair of the ESR Publications Committee. His primary research interest is cardiothoracic imaging, and he coordinates the Pan-European randomized DISCHARGE trial published in NEJM, the COME-CCT consortium published in BMJ, and the Quantitative Cardiovascular Imaging Study Group published already three times in Nature Reviews Cardiology.

Full details of the roadmap have been published in the January 2024 issue of Nature Reviews Cardiology (first author Dr. Bernhard Föllmer). Also, you can read visit the Team Dewey research website.

Video produced and edited by Hannah Celeste Francisco. Homepage image courtesy of CHARITĂ© | WIEBKE PEITZ.

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