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Radiomics has much to offer when it comes to improving clinical images, especially CT. But inconsistent tissue characterization within CT images can weaken radiomics features -- which is why image reconstruction is so important.

In our article posted today, check out research we're highlighting conducted by a team from Charite -- Universitatsmedizin Berlin that explored whether there are particular reconstruction techniques that perform better than others in improving CT image quality.

After you've read that report, take a look at the nine EuroMinnies 2022 award winners -- a diverse and talented group made up of recipients from countries across the European continent, including Austria, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Spain, and Sweden.

Also check out our coverage of new guidance on contrast media safety -- specifically, how to prevent extravasation -- that European experts issued on 17 February. Plus, read our story on how dark-field CT can measure clinical properties that conventional CT can't (and why a German team says the technique is edging ever closer to human clinical use).

We also have a report that includes impressive CT and conebeam CT images of the facial skeleton using cinematic and volume rendering. The research results suggest that these technologies could improve depth perception and dimensionality as well as surface sharpness and contrast.

Finally, find out what columnist Dr. Paul McCoubrie has to say about why changing times in the radiology field demand a new approach. (Spoiler alert: Keep your mind open to fresh ideas and perspectives.)

We wish you a healthy and happy 2022 and invite you to stay up to date on CT's developments by visiting our CT Community often throughout the year.

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