Radiographers' strike looms in U.K.; Germany's pediatric crisis; cervical spine trauma

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Radiographers are not generally known for their militancy, but those in the U.K. certainly appear ready to take action. Judging by the recent comments of the leading protagonists, as well as the result of the midwives' ballot this week, radiographers in the National Health Service seem likely to vote for a strike.

To find out more about the reasons for this dispute and the wave of disruption facing U.K. radiology departments this month, click here.

A major crisis is also on the horizon for pediatric imaging in Germany, it seems. The subspecialty faces a disastrous predicament, and many professorships are vacant, according to Dr. Hans-Joachim Mentzel, head of the German Radiological Society working party on pediatric radiology. Get the full details here.

When it comes to cervical spine injuries, the dilemma for emergency physicians and imaging professionals is to decide how and when to use CT. National and global guidelines aren't in total agreement here. New award-winning research has addressed this issue and may have a big impact on clinical practice. To read more, go to our CT Digital Community, or click here.

Do you shut down your PACS workstation when it's not in use? Most radiologists at a hospital in Dublin don't do so, a survey has found. In fact, they're reluctant to take any simple energy-saving measures, and administrators may need to take more extreme actions. Go to our PACS Digital Community, or click here.

Research presented at the 2014 International Congress of Radiology proved digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) is superior to conventional digital mammography when detecting cancer in women with dense breasts. DBT also has an edge for the characterization of masses. Visit our Women's Imaging Digital Community, or click here.

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