Get savvy on PET/CT; Dutch dose survey; DRK 2013 is underway

Dear AuntMinnieEurope Member,

Get savvy on PET/CT if you want to be able to contribute effectively to multidisciplinary meetings. That's the central message of the U.K. guidelines on the emerging technique, published this month.

The approach taken is not revolutionary, but the document does contain practical, relevant clinical information. Better still, it can be downloaded free of charge. Find out more in our Molecular Imaging Digital Community, or click here.

The EU demands that member states conduct regular dose surveys, and the latest country to unveil its findings for CT is the Netherlands. Overall, the results are encouraging, but they show there's still scope for improvement and greater standardization. Go to our CT Digital Community, or click here.

The German Radiology Congress, DRK 2013, has begun in Hamburg today. Dr. Patrick Kokulinsky, a resident based in Unna, Germany, has previewed the meeting for us. Click here to read his report, and look out for further updates from the event.

A significant and worrying gender gap persists in Italian radiology, according to a recent article in the European Journal of Radiology. For the full details, click here.

Meanwhile, a regional IT network linking colorectal diagnostic experts has begun in Sweden. Researchers hope the initiative will lead to improved quality of radiological reporting in preoperative imaging of colorectal cancer patients, thus providing more patient-oriented care. Visit our PACS Digital Community, or click here.

A 3D imaging system that does not require a conventional camera has been developed in the U.K. The computational technique uses information from single-pixel detectors to create an image, can be used over a range of wavelengths, and is cheaper than other 3D methods. Go to our Advanced Visualization Digital Community, or click here.

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