Why interruptions are good; France's MRI crisis; how hard do you work?

Dear AuntMinnieEurope Member,

If we're being honest, none of us relishes the prospect of being interrupted at work. But Dr. Paul McCoubrie thinks it's time to remove the "DO NOT DISTURB" signs and view interruptions in a more positive way. He makes a strong case, and you can read it in our PACS Digital Community, or by clicking here.

When it comes to MRI, France is an underdeveloped country, according to Dr. Philippe Soyer, PhD, the highly respected Paris-based radiologist. A new report from consulting firm CEMKA-EVAL has provided fresh evidence about the serious shortages, regional inequalities, and long waiting times -- and current government policies seem to be making the situation worse. Go to our MRI Digital Community, or click here.

Only very limited data exist about the working hours of staff in imaging departments. To address this problem, AuntMinnieEurope.com is conducting a survey. Please do spare a few moments to complete it. Click here to read about this research, or click here to go straight to the questionnaire.

Radiation dose remains a major concern across Europe and beyond, but a new survey provides some reassuring news. In a data estimation project covering 34 countries, mean doses in Europe per year per capita came to 1 mSv, compared with about 1.7 mSv in Australia and 3.0 mSv in the U.S. Get the story here.

Good compliance rates are vital to the success of screening initiatives, and Italian researchers have found that more than 1,000 subjects recruited for a CT lung cancer screening study stuck with the program through four years of annual follow-up. Visit our CT Digital Community, or click here.

Meanwhile, Swiss researchers have discovered that biplanar low-dose x-ray systems outperform standard digital radiography units in terms of delivering a lower radiation dose to the patient and expediency in acquiring images, but their cost and limited uses require high examination volume to make them cost-effective. Go to the Digital X-Ray Community, or click here.

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