Week in Review: Germany takes the plunge | Controversy continues in Antwerp | Trauma imaging advice

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The national lung cancer screening program in Germany is unlikely to hit full stride until mid to late 2025 because reimbursement and training/accreditation issues still need to be resolved, but the launch of the scheme looks certain to encourage other nations to proceed with similar initiatives.

We asked two leading experts, Profs. Marie-Pierre Revel and Thorsten Blum, to assess the new program. Don't miss our report.

Four weeks have passed since news broke of the sudden suspension of seven radiologists at ZNA Cadix in Antwerp. As part of a deal struck with hospital managers, the radiologists have agreed to leave peacefully, and in yet another twist, the hospital has become involved in a merger. Find out the latest news from Belgium.

Meanwhile, the U.K. has published new guidance on the provision of trauma radiology to severely injured patients. The 38-page report is available for free download.

Interest remains high in the applications of ChatGPT. In a recent study, Swiss researchers found that the AI tool can help to convey information about radiation protection.

Radiology's impact on the environment will be a central topic at ECR 2025. As an appetizer, a special session on sustainability was held at the annual meeting of the European Society of musculoSkeletal Radiology (ESSR). 

Philip Ward
Editor in Chief

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