Week in Review: Implementing radiology AI | Prokop on making an impact | Pros, cons of radiation dose

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I think it's safe to say Prof. Tim Leiner, PhD, is extremely well qualified to give advice on implementing radiology AI. He's held important jobs on both sides of the Atlantic and in global societies and associations, and he's always followed the latest technology trends with keen interest and spoke with great clarity and purpose.

Leiner's ECR 2024 presentation on this topic attracted huge interest. If you missed it, make sure you read our news report.

Prof. Mathias Prokop's highly personal talk in a professional challenges session also caught our attention at the congress in Vienna. Make sure you don't miss this week's second top article.

When it comes to interventional procedures involving pregnant patients, what are the special radiation dose considerations and how should you handle the communication process? Dr. Ilze Apine, PhD, of Riga, Latvia, covered this subject in another thought-provoking ECR 2024 lecture.

Meanwhile, dark-field chest x-ray appears to have taken a significant step forward, with its developers in Germany overcoming a technical limitation of the technology – namely, by adjusting for photon scattering caused by interferometers used in the experimental system.

Last but not least, we've unveiled our top 10 stories and videos from ECR 2024. Unveiling this list is always one of our favorite tasks of the year, and we hope you enjoy catching up on what you've missed.

Philip Ward
Editor in Chief

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