Top 10 stories and videos from ECR 2024

A new 1.5-tesla MRI scanner with very low helium requirements, the current crisis facing radiologists in Ukraine, advances in postmortem CT, and pointers and clues for ECR 2025: These were the four most popular topics in our coverage of ECR 2024. Below is the top 10 listing for articles and videos (in reverse order) as measured by page views between 27 February and 13 March.

  1. Carlo Catalano urges rest of Europe to decriminalize medical errors
  2. Amaka Offiah talks screening for child abuse, the Lucy Letby case, and more
  3. Burnout in at-risk trainees: experts give sage advice
  4. Hot shots from Vienna: ECR 2024 photo gallery
  5. Christiane Kuhl: Abbreviated MRI’s almost ready for clinical use
  6. Bonn or Berlin? Alex Radbruch reveals where his future lies
  7. Andrea Rockall provides pointers and clues for ECR 2025
  8. Waking the dead: Automatic identification proves viable with single CT
  9. How was your flight? Actually, it was 22 hours by bus
  10. Siemens unveils Magnetom Flow MRI scanner at ECR 2024

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