Week in Review: Katja Pinker on breast AI | Madrid team optimizes CT dose | Patient shielding in CT

Dear AuntMinnieEurope Member,

Members of the European Society of Breast Imaging (EUSOBI) will no doubt be packing their bags and getting excited about making the trip to Valencia, Spain, for their annual congress, which begins on 28 September.

As a curtain-raiser, we've posted a video interview about breast AI with leading researcher Dr. Katja Pinker, PhD, who is a popular and well-known figure on both sides of the Atlantic. You can watch it now in the Women's Imaging Community.

Establishing diagnostic reference levels (DRLs) is a valuable tool for optimizing radiation dose, but this is a tricky task in CT due to the large variety of protocols. In Madrid, radiologists and medical physicists have found indication-based DRLs are more useful than description-based DRLs. They're playing an active role in a multidisciplinary committee on CT dose, and their approach is producing impressive results.

Shielding may have some unintended effects on patient dose in CT, researchers from Finland have reported. Applying an out-of-plane shield outside the scanned volume but visible in the localizer images may increase the patient dose considerably if the scanner's tube current modulation function is based only on localizer images. Don't miss our news report.

Munich's Oktoberfest is known to be a rowdy event. It began last weekend and is likely to attract around 390,000 visitors a day over the next 17 days. The festival poses serious challenges for medical staff due to the high incidence of injuries and intoxication, but mobile CT is easing the situation. Find out more in the CT Community.

It's hard to believe ChatGPT, which stands for Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer, was only launched 10 months ago. It continues to attract great interest, but what applications does the language model-based chatbot have in molecular imaging? A group from the Charité in Berlin have provided some answers in a novel study.

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