SERAM highlights first use of arthroplasty procedure

2020 07 14 15 45 4340 Osteoporosis Hip Joint 400

Radiologists in Spain have successfully performed a procedure for managing complications in hip replacement in four patients, according to a press release issued by the Spanish Society of Medical Radiology (SERAM).

The technique is described as percutaneous injection of periprosthetic cement under fluoroscopic or CT control (femoroplasty, or FMP) and was developed in 2010. The procedure is indicated in patients in whom surgical prosthetic replacement should be considered but is contraindicated. The technique has been used in France and the Netherlands, but this is the first time it has been used in Spain, SERAM said.

"[The procedure] has aroused the curiosity of many Spanish centers due to its relative simplicity and benefits. In addition, it can also be used successfully in other arthroplasties such as shoulder, ankle, knee," said Dr. Xavier Tomas Batlle, lead author of a recent study in Radiologia that described its use.

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