Week in Review: 10 top tips for younger radiologists | MSK radiologist avoids jail | New world record for highest altitude x-ray

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Dr. John Curtis is widely regarded as one of the U.K.'s best radiology trainers. He has a passion for education, and he's a gifted storyteller with a great sense of humor. He's built up a personal archive of over 4,000 patient cases that he knows intimately, and even in his retirement, he loves nothing more than chatting about them.

In a recent podcast, Curtis shared his top 10 tips for younger radiologists. They're well worth a close look.

Musculoskeletal radiologist Dr. Tom Entwisle has been in the news in Australia over the past few days. He admitted in court that he behaved recklessly after a drinking session at a rock festival, but thankfully sense prevailed and he escaped a jail sentence. Get the full story in our most viewed article of the week.

Meanwhile, Guinness World Records has confirmed that a new world record has been set for the highest altitude x-ray examination ever performed. Get the full story in our news report.

Back in Europe, two German studies have caught our attention.

First, researchers from Heidelberg University Hospital have reported that radiation exposure in interventional radiology is generally low but shows a wide range. They emphasized the need to keep dose as low as possible, particularly during neurointerventional procedures.

Second, scientists from the University of Freiburg have looked at how to better predict relapse in prostate cancer cases. Using data from over 1,000 patients, they have developed a model that can help to identify patients early who could benefit from further treatment. Find out more in the Molecular Imaging Community.

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