Radiologist faces disciplinary action over misinformation

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A retired New Zealand radiologist suspended from practice for allegedly spreading COVID-19 falsehoods about vaccines is defending himself before a health tribunal, a report published on 17 April in the New Zealand Herald has stated.

Dr. Peter Canaday is a former radiologist with the Taranaki District Health Board. He faces a professional misconduct charge stemming from an interview and two presentations he delivered in 2021 on the pandemic and New Zealand's vaccine rollout, the Herald wrote.

The five-day hearing has been brought by a professional conduct committee chosen by the Medical Council of New Zealand.

In July 2021, Canaday participated in a radio interview and offered two online presentations: "Courageous Convos: Dr. Peter Canaday and COVID-19" and "the Pfizer vaccine: Fact or Fantasy?" Both of the presentations were uploaded to Voices for Freedom, an antivaccination group, the Herald reported; Canaday claimed that there was "a link between the vaccine and sterility, miscarriages, and deaths, and other COVID-19 treatments had been suppressed in favour of the Pfizer vaccine," the publication noted.

Canaday retired in 2021 but still holds a certificate to practice medicine, according to the Herald.

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