SERAM seeks to combat fake news in radiology

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The Spanish Society of Medical Radiology (SERAM) has agreed to collaborate with the #SaludsinBulos Institute to fight against misinformation about diagnoses related to medical imaging.

It is important to note that diagnostic imaging tests are safe, and the radiation doses used are very low and do not represent a health risk, noted Dr. Asunción Torregrosa, president of SERAM.

"The misinformation circulating on the Internet tries to instill an unfounded fear of these tests, which are only indicated when necessary and whose risk is much lower than the benefit of a diagnosis," she added in a press release issued on 13 December.

According to the World Health Organization, 80% of medical decisions are made based on radiological tests, both for the diagnosis and the follow-up and even the treatment of the patient. These tests are essential, for example, in the detection of tumors such as lung cancer, SERAM stated.

The two groups have pledged to work together to increase knowledge among the general public about the benefits of medical imaging, as well as what imaging features. They will seek to improve clinical communication to increase patients' confidence in medical professionals.

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