Week in Review: Imaging of penile trauma | Swiss survey on impact of AI | Karolinska breast study

Dear AuntMinnieEurope Member,

When it bears fruit, collaboration is immensely satisfying in any walk of life -- but particularly so in a life-changing area like penile trauma.

Dr. Miguel Ángel Gómez-Bermejo from Madrid was a European School of Radiology fellow at the King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust in London in 2022. He worked with radiologists at King's on developing a penile contrast-enhanced ultrasound protocol and assessing its value as a problem-solving technique. The team won a prestigious award for their efforts at ECR 2023.

The findings of a recent Swiss survey on clinical implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) were presented at this month's Vienna congress. Interestingly, nearly two-thirds of respondents did not feel confident with AI terminology, and nearly 20% of those polled viewed AI as a threat. Clearly, there is scope for improvement here.

Any new study conducted at the Karolinska Institute, the home of the Nobel Prizes, deserves a close look. Researchers from the Karolinska have found that an image-based risk model for breast cancer can be used to assess long-term risk for identifying women who may benefit from primary prevention. Get the full story in the Women's Imaging Community.

Meanwhile, senior Irish radiographer Prof. Louise Rainford has offered six recommendations to foster open disclosure of safety incidents. Given Rainford's wealth of practical experience, it's worth checking out her advice in our MRI Community.

Finally, imaging of obese patients remains a major challenge. A Slovenian team has addressed this issue and provided some low-cost, simple guidance on how to conduct pelvic x-ray examinations. You can get the full story in our X-Ray Community.

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