Week in Review: Lessons from wellness scan fatality | How to report postmortem CT | Radiology on the front line in Ukraine

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The death of Peta Hickey from an anaphylactic reaction to contrast media sent shockwaves through Australian radiology -- not only due to her age, 43, but also because she was fit and healthy and her employer had sent her for the wellness scan.

Radiation safety expert Zoe Brady, PhD, spoke about the lessons to be learned from this incident at the annual scientific meeting of Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists, focusing on the justification issue. Find out more in our in-depth report in the CT Community.

Back in Europe, a steady expansion in postmortem CT imaging has occurred over the past few years, particularly in the Netherlands, Switzerland, and the U.K. But what are the driving forces? When should CT be used, and what's the optimum technique? You can learn more about the world of forensic imaging in a Q&A discussion with two experienced radiologists.

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, radiologists have relied heavily on CT to help manage all types of combat injuries. We interviewed Dr. Andrii Makarenkov about how he uses CT, and he kindly shared some clinical images. Our feature article also covers a Norwegian project designed to enable frontline medical staff to communicate better with their families.

In other news, a Dutch team has found that F-18 sodium fluoride PET/CT may be a valuable tool for imaging patients with psoriatic arthritis because it reveals new bone formation in peripheral joints missed on clinical evaluation. Go to the Molecular Imaging Community.

Identification of the toxic effects of alcohol on prenatal brain development opens new diagnostic opportunities for fetal neuroradiology, boosting early postnatal support and stimulating more discussion of alcohol prevention during pregnancy, according to an Austrian study to be presented at RSNA 2022. Learn more in the Women's Imaging Community.

The RSNA meeting begins in Chicago on 27 November. To read preview articles about the congress, go to the RSNA 2022 news section of AuntMinnie.com. Also, live coverage begins on Sunday at RADCAST @ RSNA, and we'll be posting regular updates on AuntMinnieEurope.com.

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