Debate intensifies over sonographer regulation in U.K.

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The U.K. Society of Radiographers (SoR) says is discouraged that the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care does not accept the need to introduce sonographer regulation to meet current and future demands for ultrasound.

Junior Health Minister Edward Agar said there was "no immediate case to change the [professional] groups that are regulated" in response to a letter sent in November from the SoR and other medical groups.

In the letter, the SoR stated that existing modes of education and recruitment can't deliver the workforce that can meet the increasing demands and the backlog of exams. Due to the lack of statutory regulation, the development of innovative educational programs for sonographers in the U.K. have been stalled, widening the gap between current staffing levels and workforce needs, according to the SoR.

In the meantime, the SoR will continue to work with Health Education England, other professional bodies, and organizations to ensure that the career pathway, progression routes, and educational standards are as high as possible to continue to provide high-quality ultrasound services.

To read the full statement posted on 19 July, go to the SoR website.

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