Week in Review: Radiologist dies after Marseille stabbing | Delivering aid to Ukraine | U.K. radiology's staff shortages

Dear AuntMinnieEurope Member,

The tragic death of Dr. Alban Gervaise, PhD, leaves some unanswered questions: Was he targeted by the attacker? Was it a random killing? Can more be done to ensure the safety of military radiologists?

Our report on the incident is this week's most viewed article. Let's hope the French authorities provide some answers over the coming weeks and months.

Another popular news item has been the interview with a German radiologist about his team's efforts to help deliver aid to Ukrainian refugees. After dropping supplies at the Polish border, the group is bringing some refugees back to Mainz, where they are even taking care of their health. Don't miss this uplifting article.

Yesterday's radiology census report represented "a stark wake-up call" for the U.K. government and National Health Service, according to the respected interventional radiologist Dr. Raman Uberoi. This annual document always contains a wealth of useful data and information. Look out for our follow-up coverage later this month.

Meanwhile, women referred for breast MRI exams often have metallic biopsy clips placed within or adjacent to a lesion, and these clips produce artifacts that can lead to misinterpretations. Austrian researchers have taken a close look at this topic, and their analysis deserves a close look. Find out more in the Women's Imaging Community.

Also, we have an article about a thought-provoking study by Keith Cover, PhD, an independent researcher from Amsterdam. He found that MRI screening can detect invasive breast cancers about six years earlier than mammography. Go to the MRI Community for the full story.

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