Week in Review: Fuchsjaeger's breast masterclass | Avoiding pitfalls in contrast-enhanced mammography | McCoubrie on changing times

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Prof. Dr. Michael Fuchsjäger does love to entertain. Who could forget his remarkable operatic performance at the opening ceremony for ECR 2021? But he also likes to inform and educate, as he showed during last week's Arab Health show.

Fuchsjäger is keen for cryoablation to be used more widely in breast cancer therapy. He admits he worked on only one such case in 2021, but he said he wants to do 100 of them because it's an easy procedure to do and it can have a positive impact on patient outcome. Find out more in the Women's Imaging Community.

Contrast-enhanced mammography can be a tricky examination to perform and interpret. Much can go wrong, and there are many pitfalls, the experts say. But help is on hand in the form of a clear and informative e-poster on this topic by an experienced group in Madrid.

Meanwhile, Dr. Paul McCoubrie wants radiologists to raise their game. He thinks the focus in medical imaging should be less about speed and power and more about efficiency and sustainability. Get his latest thoughts in a new column.

Xenon MRI can help boost understanding of why breathlessness persists in some patients with COVID-19, U.K. researchers have found. Xenon follows the pathway of oxygen when it is taken up by the lungs and can reveal where the abnormality lies between the airways, gas exchange membranes, and capillaries in the lungs, they say.

This is a big weekend for sports fans. The Six Nations rugby tournament kicks off, while in football, the final of the Africa Cup of Nations is on Sunday. You can limber up by reading our article about how to achieve success in elite sports imaging.

Looking further ahead, the second free webinar in our AI series takes place on 10 February. The expert panel includes Prof. Dr. Marion Smits, the newly elected head of the ESR's Research Committee; Prof. Dr. Alex Radbruch from Bonn, Germany; and Dr. Peter Chang from the U.S. The 60-minute event begins at 19:00 Central European Time. You can sign up for the webinar here.

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