SERAM to build repository of members' theses and articles

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The Spanish Society of Medical Radiology (SERAM) is developing a repository of theses and scientific articles published by its members.

The repository will include complete individual works, its authors, and a link to access the content (PubMed, university site), but not full PDFs. The works included will be archived based on their publication date and radiological subspecialty.

Doctoral theses need to have been submitted to be included, and the author must be a member of SERAM. For scientific articles, the first or last author must be a SERAM member, SERAM noted in a statement issued on 9 December.

To upload a thesis or scientific article, log in to the SERAM website with a username and personal password. In the members' private area, click the "publish scientific articles" or "publish thesis" section.

Works will be posted on the site after approval by SERAM's head of publications.

Full details are available on the SERAM website.

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